Uh-Oh, Hippo Interactive Memory Game

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Meet Hugo the Hippo and his friend Gary the bird!

Develop memory skills from a young age with this engaging munching hippo called Hugo. Children will love feeding Hugo and guessing the piece he's eaten before pressing Gary, Hugo's friend, to see if they're right.
This interactive, easy-to-play game play will keep young children engaged while developing early memory skills through game play as players keep an eye out for which munchie Hugo eats.

- Hugo the Hippo features opening and closing mouth mechanism

How to play:
- Players select 8 munches and place one in each slot of Hugo's mouth
- Any remaining munchies should be placed on Hugo's green grass
- Players memorise what munchies are in Hugo's mouth before it closes
- When he opens it again players need to guess what munchie has been eaten
- Press Gary to see which munchie pops out - who guessed correctly?
- The first player to guess correctly 3 times is the winner

Game Box includes:
- Hugo the Hippo
- Gary
- 18 Hugo Munchies (Plastic Game Pieces in Various Shapes, Colours and Sizes)
- Full Colour, Multilingual Instructions

Age: 3 Years +
Item size: 21 x 24 x 15 cm
Players: 2-4