Translucent Tens Frame Set

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Reinforce early maths skills with the Translucent Ten Frames Classroom Set from Greenbean.

The answer boards will encourage shy learners to participate in class activities as they place counters onto the board before holding up their board to display their answer.


Ten-frame trays can be used to support a variety of basic numeracy skills:
- Counting
- 1-to-1 Correspondence
- Number Patterns
- Arithmetic, Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication

Each tray has raised grid lines that keep counters in place as children practice addition, subtraction and more.

Boards and counters are made from solid and strong plastic; they are durable and easy to clean.

Visualize a variety of math concepts with these skill-building trays and counters!


- 20 x Ten-Frames

- +/- 200 Red Counters

- +/- 200 Blue Counters

Age: 5 Years +
Item size: 11 x 23 x 14.2 cm