TopBright Ice Cream Shop Learning Box & Activity Cards

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Ice Cream Shop Learning Box & Activity Cards
Welcome to the TopBright ice cream parlour! Learning becomes a tasty treat when children run their own ice cream parlour!

While playing with the charming Ice Cream Shop Learning Box with Activity Cards, children get creative and immerse themselves in the world of an ice cream vendor, imagining exciting stories about the ice cream parlour. While serving up delicious ice cream creations, they also discover shapes and numbers.

Little ones discover shapes and sort ice cream scoops by colour. Older children learn about the world of numbers and solve first maths exercises with the menus.

- 1 X 9 Ice Cream Cones
- 45 Colourful Toppings
-Number Cards
-Menus for Calculating
-Play Money

Age: 2 Years +
Item size: 20 x 41.2 x 8.5 cm