The Literacy Box 2 - ages 8 to 10 years

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The Literacy box covers all your teaching needs …

With these colourfully illustrated cards featuring texts covering a variety of genres and text types, literacy will become less of a chore and more of a fun learning adventure for students. The Literacy box series provides supplementary materials to support the reading program of teachers, catering for the needs of all readers at each level in the classroom.


  • incorporates three levels of comprehension, word study and grammar questions in a multiple choice format
  • assesses 12 different comprehension skills and pronoun references
  • features both fiction and nonfiction texts
  • includes cross-curricular activities
  • provides separate answer cards to allow the students to work and progress at their own rate
  • comprehensive teachers notes for each card with suggested speaking and listening, and writing and viewing activities


Every box in this series contains:
  • 75 colourfully illustrated four-page cards, with texts covering a variety of genres and text types
  • 15 colour-coded sections (in the same sequence as The comprehension boxes)
  • 5 cards in each of the 15 sections, numbered (front to back) from 1 to 5
  • multiple-choice questions on three pages of each card
  • answer cards
  • teachers guide