Sylvanian Dining Room Set

Regular price R 345.00

Sunny Rabbit Girl, Kitchenette, Drawer, Table, Chair x2, Fridge, Freezer Compartment, Salad Crisper Drawer, Plate x2, Fork x2, Cup x2, Croissant x2, Fried Egg x2, Egg, Apple x2, Orange Juice, Basket, Frying Pan, Spatula, Oven Tray (a total of 27 pieces)

・A dining room set that comes with a poseable Sunny Rabbit Girl figure and furniture in a vibrant green colour scheme.
・It comes with plenty of furniture such as a kitchenette, dining table, chairs, and fridge.
・This one set includes all you need to create a fun dining room setting for play.
・Suitable for ages three years and above
・Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children