Smart Snacks Peek - A - Boo Colour Muffins

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Age: 3yrs+

Pop off the muffin top and peek inside!

Versatile and engaging, this fun resource reinforces colour recognition as children match up fillings to put into coloured cups, also great for imaginative play and fine motor practice.

The set includes:

• 5 muffins (2 pieces each)

• 5 fruit fillings (apple, cherry, blueberry, orange and lemon)

Learning Skills:

Visual, Tactile Skill Development:

Basic Concepts- Students learn spatial concepts like in/out, and on/off when placing the muffins in the stand, fruit in the cup or tops on the muffins.

Basic Concepts- Red, orange, yellow, green, and blue fruit and coordinating cups help students explore colors, supporting color recognition and identification.

Fine Motor- Two-handed play and bilateral coordination are engaged when students play with the removable pieces- putting them together and taking them apart.

Stand size:11 x 17cm