Simple Machines

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 8yrs +
The Simple Machines Set offers topics relevant to STEM subject area curricula such as physics, technology, and the natural sciences, and helps students gain a basic knowledge of mechanical and technical principles.
40 different models are used to cover topics like pulleys and hoists, gears, steering, statics, and much more.

Product Composition:

The total of 500 fischertechnik parts is clearly divided into two sorting inserts. Everything is delivered in a sturdy storage box, along with easy to understand assembly instructions for 40 models of different difficulty levels.

Main subjects:
  • Transmissions
  • Block and tackle
  • Steering
  • Centrifugal governor
  • Cable winch
  • Structural engineering

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Understand everyday technology
  • Gain insight into the world of technology
  • Learn how vehicles, gears, pulleys and hoists, steering, winches, and windmills work
  • Encourage creativity
  • Deepen and practice project and group work


- Item Size: (L)44 x (W)31.5 x (H)15 cm

- Number of Models: 40

- Number of Parts: 500

- Weight: 2832g