Reading Rods Phonemic Awareness Classroom Kit

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Your pre-emergent and emergent readers will develop phonemic, phonological and alphabet awareness by using letter and picture rods to learn sounds, letters, and letter-sound relationships.

By linking together, the rods children learn how to identify initial, medial, and final sounds; recognize uppercase and lowercase letters; sequence the letters of the alphabet and build simple words.

Learning skills:
- Promote foundational skills for language and phonemics teaching students that words are joined together by individual sounds and corresponding letters.
- Teach letter-sound correspondence by matching the letter Rods with the picture Rods and repeat the words aloud. Kit teaches everything from alphabetical order to spelling.
- Fine Motor: Pincer grasp and cooperative hand and muscle strength are promoted when snapping and unsnapping the rods to create links.

Set includes:
- 108 Reading Rods (Vowels, Consonants, Pictures)
- Plastic Storage Tub
- 24 Double-sided Activity Cards
- 4 Activity Trays
- Activity Guide