Rainbow Fraction Tiles Demonstration Clings: 51 Pieces

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Rainbow Fraction Tiles Demonstration Clings are a vibrant, eye-catching maths teaching resource to show students fraction relationships. Made from an innovative material, Demonstration Clings adhere to almost any smooth flat surface in the modern classroom - no more magnets!

Durable, reusable and washable, they can be rinsed and used over and over again: to clean the clings, rinse them with warm water.

- 51 Pieces: 1 red whole (approx. 30cm L); 2 pink halves (approx. 15cm L); 3 orange thirds (approx. 10cm L); 4 yellow fourths (approx. 7.5cm L); 5 green fifths (approx. 6cm L); 6 teal sixths (approx. 5cm L); 8 purple eighths (approx. 3.8cm L); 10 purple tenths (approx. 3cm L); and 12 purple twelfths (approx. 2.5cm L); (all pieces are approx. 3.8cm H)