Puzzle - Nature Princesses 60pc

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Discover the wonders of nature and its beautiful and mysterious princesses with this stunning 60 piece puzzle and book set.

The nature princesses live in an enchanted garden with thousands of colourful flowers. Learn about the lake and the sky and the clouds, the stars and the sun that fill it. Put together the giant puzzle and look carefully: you’ll see that in nature, there are princesses all around! A beautiful 10 page hardback book teaches you all about nature! The sun princess, the rain princess, the lake princess, the night princess, the snow princess and the spring princess will all be your friends.

Printed on FSC board with environmentally friendly inks, the box of this puzzle is embellished with glitter making this a special gift for any little princess.

Age range: 5yrs+ / Puzzle dimensions: 60 x 90cm  Box size: 27.5 × 8 × 24 cm2