Pretend & Play - Calculator Cash Register

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This multi award-winning cash register is the perfect addition to any pretend store! Encourage beginning math and calculator skills while providing lots of opportunities for imaginative play. The Calculator Cash Register from Learning Resources features a built-in solar calculator that helps familiarise children with the use of a calculator.

They’ll also learn currency denomination and have fun handling life-size money. Large buttons on the keypad are easy for little hands to press and the cash drawer makes a “cha-ching” sound when it opens.

Learning skills:
- Self-Help: Students can learn currency denominations and have fun handling life-size money. The cash register can assist students in money management skills, when making a purchase.
- Basic Concepts: Role play real-life scenarios such as waiting in line, paying for a purchase, and interacting with the cashier.
- Mathematics: The calculator-like functions familiarize students with adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.

- 1 x Solar-Powered Cash Register
- 30 x Actual-Size Pretend Bills
- 40 x Plastic Coins
- 1 x Pretend Credit Card
- 1 x Activity Guide

Age: 3 Years +
Item size: 25.2 x 28.4 x 15.8 cm
Cash Register Size: 27 x 24 x 14 cm