Pirate Ship

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TookyToy Pretend Play Wooden Pirate Ship
Embark on Swashbuckling Adventures with the TookyToy Pretend Play Wooden Pirate Ship!

With intricate details, including a crow's nest, sails, pirate flags, and a helm, the wooden pirate ship brings the high seas to life. The realistic design sparks creativity and encourages children to engage in imaginative role-playing.

The Pirate Ship is crafted from high-quality, sturdy wood, ensuring durability and longevity for countless pirate adventures. It withstands the rigors of imaginative play and promises an enduring playtime experience.

From daring sea battles to treasure hunts on deserted islands, this toy inspires endless pirate-themed adventures, captivating the imagination of young buccaneers.

Set sail on a high-seas adventure with the TookyToy Pretend Play Wooden Pirate Ship. Watch as young imaginations come alive, exploring uncharted waters, discovering hidden treasures, and experiencing the thrill of life on the open sea!

1 x Hull
1 x Ship Mast
1 x Rudder
1 x Top Plate
2 x Nails
1 x Treasure Map
1 x Treasure
4 x Character Accessories
1 x Mobile Cannon

Age: 3 Years +
Item size: 13 x 30 x 14.5 cm