Model Bricks - Jeep - 253pcs

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This off-road Model Bricks Jeep makes a great addition to your vehicles fleet! Explore the outdoors while ramping mountains and crossing rivers - an outstanding adventure!

Role-playing and pretend play are encouraged as children interact with their completed building set.

Product Features & Learning skills:
- Spatial thinking: the child learns the spatial relationships of elements: right, left, higher and lower
- Constructive abilities: awareness of how different objects are created
- Visual thinking: a style of thinking that is responsible for creating a certain image that is created in the child’s view
- Fine motor skills: the child, develops the small muscles of the hand, learns to measure the muscular effort and trains the eye
- Creative abilities and imagination

Sluban is a new brand of building blocks and is compatible with other well-known brick brands such as Lego. With a variety of themes for boys and girls, Sluban offers much fun for young and old.

- 253 Building Components
- Instructions

Age: 12 Years +
Item size: 23.7 x 38 x 6.7 cm