Maza Bead Game

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A lovely activity set that encourages fine motor skills and sequencing.

With this set you can create towers of colourful fun, count the pieces, name the colours and shapes. Learn the concepts on/off, taller/shorter, bigger/smaller. It also helps with language development when playing with an adult. It also double up as a lacing toy.

The activity cards included guide children in terms of the patterns or sequences they need to make, alternatively, create your own bead sequence from your imagination!

– 1 Wooden Stand
– 3 Wooden Sticks
– 6 Lacing Chords
– 3 Activity Cards
– 54 Wooden Beads

– All pieces are painted with non- toxic paint

Age: 3 Years +
Size: 29.2 x 29.2 x 4.3 cm

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