Magnetic water cycle

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Age: 5 Yrs+

Make your whiteboard come alive with science!
Bring the six stages of the water cycle to life with these realistically detailed jumbo magnets. Set demonstrates the journey that water takes as it moves from land to sky, and back again!

Giant magnets are ideal for front of class demonstrations
Encourages whole class teaching
Giant magnets will help children visualise the water cycle
Giant magnets represent six stages of the water cycle:
Evaporation – the change from liquid to vapour
Condensation – the change from vapour to water particles
Precipitation – the falling products of condensation e.g. rain, snow, hail etc.
Transpiration – the water vapour released by plants
Surface runoff – excess water flows over the surface of the Earth
Infiltration – the seeping of water into soil and rocks
Engaging water cycle set includes a magnet for each of the six stages and four directional arrow magnets
Giant magnets are wipe-clean, allowing for labeling
Comes with multilingual activity guide featuring key vocabulary and fun water cycle facts
Brightly coloured magnets will keep young learners engaged
Set of 10 magnets