Magnetic Mix or Match Vehicles: Junior - Set 2

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Welcome to Magnetic Mix or Match Junior - the toy that lets you build a vehicle like no other.

With these 8 magnetic pieces, building an imaginary vehicle like a Heli-Train or Truck-Boat is a snap.
Mix the pieces up then re-assemble them by matching colours! Magnetic Mix or Match Junior becomes your child's first 3-D matching puzzle!

How does it work?
Our magnetic locking system makes assembly a snap and allows you to put your vehicles together and take them apart again and again.
So what are you waiting for? Build the vehicle of your dreams today!

*All Popular Playthings Mix or Match Junior sets are fully compatible with each other, therefore more vehicle combinations can be assembled!

- 1 Truck
- 1 Submarine
- 1 Helicopter
- 1 Steam Train

Age: 18 Months +
Item size: 40.5 x 20 x 13 cm