Magnetic Hundreds Board

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CODE: MD2084
This Hundreds Board is a perfect start for children to learn math. It contains the numbers 1-100 and children are able to play various number games to strengthen their skills:
- Recognizing numbers
- Arranging numbers in the correct order
- Comparing numbers

Through everyday play and interaction, children will develop their cognition of numbers and patterns. Unlike the traditional one-sided chess board, this double-sided board is designed with numbers on one side and blank spaces on the other side, which makes the games more diversified and intriguing.

Set includes:
- 100 x Magnetic Number Pieces
- 10 x Magnetic Symbol Pieces
- 1 x Double-Sided Hundreds Board
- 36 x Magnetic Tetris Tiles
- 100 Plastic Discs (2 colours)
- 2 x Ten-Sided Dice (2 colours)
- 1 x Whiteboard Marker (black)
- 1 x User Manual
- 2 x Storage Bags

Age: 4 Years +
item size: 32.5 x 32.5 x 3 cm