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In Hangman, you need language knowledge and logic to guess the adversary’s secret word before the cowboy ends up being hanged.

The first player must think of a word, which the other player tries to guess; at every turn, the opponent declares a letter which he marks with a whiteboard marker from the alphabet reported on the board. If this letter appears in the word the first player has chosen, he places a peg with that letter in the right blank space. If it does not appear in the word, a body part of the cowboy is added to the gallows.

Learning & Developmental Skills:
- Sensory Development
- Strategic Thinking
- Problem Solving

- 1 x Perforated Board
- 8 x Cowboy Pegs
- 60 x Letter Pegs
- 1 x Peg Basket
- 1 x Game Sheet
- 1 x Die-Cut Cowboy (8 pieces)
- 1 x Whiteboard Marker
- 1 x Eraser
- 2 x Sticker Sheets

Age: 5 Years +
Item size: 6 x 28 x 35.5 cm