Giant Number Line Floor Mat 0-30

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Reinforce number recognition, counting, addition and subtraction with kinaesthetic movement. Mat features popular left-to-right visual representation and includes numerals from 0-30. Numerals are colour coded (blue evens, red odds, and black zero).

Learning skills:
- Mathematics: Explore number order and identify multiples. Give students a task to hop or skip to multiples of 2, 3, 4, 5, etc. As the numbers become larger, their movements become greater and heighten kinaesthetic learning.
- Mathematics: Colour-coded numbers on the Number Line Floor Mat help students easily identify even and odd numbers. This skill helps introduce basic principles of integers.
- Gross Motor: Use this mat as a warmup activity to math class to get students’ bodies moving and wake up their minds for cognitive learning. Run from one, stretch to seven and tiptoe to twelve to support your students need to move!

- 1 Floor Mat
- 1 Activity Guide

Age: 5 Years +