Beleduc One World Animal Trip - Recognition and General Knowledge Game

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Age: 3+

A Beleduc Recognition and General Knowledge Game

Each player picks a character and starts on any continent of their choosing.

Each player draws 4 different animals out of a bag that they need to take back to their home - they spin the compass wheel to determine where they must move on the map.

Be careful! Sometimes you might land on some bad weather and have to miss a turn.

Once the player has landed on the coloured continent they must check if any of their 4 animals match the colour of the continent they are on, if they do they can drop the animal/s off on their home continent.

- 1 cardboard game board with compass turning arrow (diameter 420 x 2.4 mm),
- 4 playing figures  
- 16 animal cards 
- 1 rain card
- 1 symbol dice  
- 1 cotton bag

Dimensions: 320 x 240 x 50 mm (retail packaging)

Teammates: 2-4