Base Ten Set 162pc

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Bring maths concepts to life for a better understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place value and decimals, and so much more!

Our four-colour interlocking Base Ten set enables a hands-on approach to many core mathematical concepts for learners providing visual cues for understanding and reinforcement.

The four colours help learners grasp the relationship between units, tens, hundreds and thousands. The interlocking pieces allow children to build up, break down and regroup numbers. The blue flats represent hundreds – 5 of the flats are printed with numbers from 1 to 100 and can be used as number boards.

The clear view Graduated Litre Cube demonstrates volume. It can hold 1 red thousand cube (1000ml).

The double-sided and laminated mat features a place value grid on one side and numbers forms on the reverse. The place value grid will assist in reinforcing the concept of units, tens, hundreds and thousands and how to exchange them. The Number Forms mat will help children explore the various forms we can find numbers in (expanded notation, word format, etc.)

This set contains
• 100 yellow units (represent unit) – each measuring 1x1x1cm
• 40 green rods (represents tens) – each measuring 1x1x10cm
• 10 blue flats (represents hundreds) – each measuring 1x10x10cm (hundreds). 5 pieces are numbered (1-100)
• 1 red cube (represents thousands) – measures 10x10x10cm
• 1 graduated clear view litre cube
• 1 Place value / Number forms laminated mat
• 1 Write-and-wipe pen