Artie Max- The Coding Robot

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Take creative coding to the max with new Artie Max™ The Coding Robot! Artie Max brings coding and STEM learning to life by converting the code programmed in the simple user interface (UI) into real line drawings in up to 3 different colours. Kids learn to code in 5 coding languages - Blockly, Snap!, JavaScript, Python, and C++ - through fun, creative activities. Artie Max’s colour-changing LED light-up eyes add extra cool fun to coding for kids.

- Children connect to Artie Max’s own built-in Wi-Fi and use a tablet or computer to access the simple UI via a browser. (Artie Max does not connect to the internet while in use and does not collect user data.)
- Children programme their design on Artie Max’s UI, set Artie Max on a sheet of A4 paper, and press Run to see Artie Max draw. A simulation mode is available to preview designs and debug if needed.
- Artie Max comes with 3 onboard washable markers (blue, green, and pink) and works with any markers that are 8mm-10.5mm in diameter.
- Charging is easy as Artie Max has a built-in rechargeable battery and micro USB data cable. The cable is also used when downloading updates from

- 1 Artie Max
- 3 Onboard washable markers (blue, green, and pink)

Age: 8 Years +
Item size: 20.6 x 19.1 x 15.2 cm
Artie Max measures 17.5cm H and 17cm w.