Activity Cards - All About Me Family Counters 21 Activities

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Age:3 Yrs+

Learning Resources All About Me Family Counters Activity Cards

Promote social and emotional development

Use these activity cards with our "All About Me Family" Counters to reinforce maths themes and social development. Attractive activity cards represent people and pets in all families. Activities can be used to teach a variety of early skills including:
- Patterns and Sequencing
- Sorting and Grouping
- Early Arithmetic - Addition, Subtraction Multiplication
- Size Recognition
- Positional Awareness

Set includes:
- 21 Double-Sided Activity Cards 

Includes 1-20 number line to encourage early counting skill
Features multilingual packaging and guide
Activity Cards are language free
Cards have been designed to be used with our "All About Me" Family Counters (available separately)

Double-sided cards measure 11 x 29 cm