Activity Book - Counters in the Classroom

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Age: 4 Yrs+

Counters are one of the simplest, cheapest and most versatile manipulatives in the mathematics classroom.

This 48-page A4 book will provide you with many varied activities for our range of Counters in the Classroom. 

The book shows how they may be used at different year levels to develop a range of mathematical concepts across the primary school years.

About the Author: 

Paul Swan is an award-winning author and mathematics educator. He is a well-known author with books published in many different countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Malaysia,  Australia. After a long career which has included working a the primary and secondary school level and 18 years as a University mathematics educator, Swan started consulting to leadership groups and international companies to help improve the way that mathematics is taught throughout the world. He continues to lecture, write and develop games and materials to help children enjoy learning mathematics.

Item Size: A4