8-in-1 Button Puzzle – 42pcs

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This educational 8-in-1 wooden button puzzle focuses on strengthening key developmental areas while providing hours of fun.

With chunky buttons that easily snap in and out of place, toddlers learn basic colours and shapes in a simple game. The shape matching button is based on the dotted line in the picture and the texture on the button stimulates toddler’s tactile feel.

Choose an activity card and place it on the puzzle board, then choose your plastic buttons and knobs to complete the picture!

Learning skills:
Encourages hand-eye coordination
Develops fine motor skills and dexterity
Improves cognitive perception and spatial orientation
Promotes colour and shape recognition and sorting

Age: 3 Years +
Item Size: 31 x 24 x 6 cm

The 42-piece set includes:
14 x Activity Sheets
1 x Puzzle Pegboard
27 x Plastic Buttons / Knobs

Materials: Plywood, ABS

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Let children explore in play, discover self, and perceive the world.